What is SQLBook?

SQLBook is a simple web application to rapidly test and prototype SQL statements.

Who is this for?

SQLBook is for anyone learning SQL. It is useful for anyone enrolled in online SQL or data sciences couses. It can also be used by professionals for quick prototyping. Technical interviews covering SQL is also possible.

Which database servers are supported?

Vendor Supported versions
MySQL 8.0.25, 5.7.33
MariaDB 10.5.10
PostgreSQL 13.4

Is it free?

SQLBook is completely free to use for end users.

How can I help?

  • Spread the word to your social media

  • Join as a contributor for SQL Puzzles

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What is the catch?

SQLBook will be free for end users completely.

What may change are these:

  • We may incorporate ads.
  • Advanced editing capabilities like collaborative editing, code completion could be a paid feature.

What data do you collect?

  • No personal data is needed to use SQLBook.
  • SQLBook can be used without registration. Optionally, you can create a SQLBook account to manage your books.
  • E-Mail address is optional for registration. It is used only for password reset verification.
  • We do save the SQL statements and commands you write in a SQLBook to our database of a period of time. SQLBooks without any activity for 30 days maybe purged.

What are public SQLBook(s)?

Public SQLBooks are available for all users as starter books. You can tag your own SQLBook as public, in which case it will be visible in the main page for other users.

Your own books are never modified, a copy of your book is created

Default setting when you create a book is PRIVATE.